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Galactiguise.com is a documentary website showcasing the people, processes, and materials involved with creating the props, costumes, artwork, and sets for the Battlestar Galactica Television Series aired from 2003 to 2009.

The jobs, the props, the set design has to ‘convey’ that sense of reality, it has to. You don’t want to break the notion that this is something real. You never want to let that ball drop. Because, as soon as you do, you sort of shattered that whole illusion of what we tried to create.
~ Ronald D. Moore, Executive Producer

Featured in the site are original articles detailing Steve Fronczek’s exclusive hands-on inspection and documentation of selected items from the series that provide insight into the complex production design process. Steve has culminated a wealth of knowledge from the over 1500 original screen-used and production-made props, artwork, costumes and set-dec pieces created by the Battlestar Galactica Production Department. Galactiguise.com is also a resource for exclusive cast, crew, and vendor interviews discussing a myriad of subjects relating to their efforts in how they created the retro-futuristic look of Ronald Moore’s Battlestar Galactica TV-series.

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