The quest for an interview.

Ok, so one of my major goals for the website is to get an interview with the Production Department for BSG before they quit filming up in BC. (Filming will be going on till March of 2008) Richard Hudolin is the number one main honcho on my list. I’ve seen the BSG featurette interviews he’s done for Sci-Fi Channel and added to the DVDs. Very insightful, but I have so many questions that go beyond the little snippets you see on the featurette.

After a little calling around I ended up getting in touch with Carol, the Unit Publicist for BSG. She was very nice on the phone. But hopes be dashed, Carol said the production dept is too busy to conduct interviews right now. Which totally makes sense considering they are in the middle of some major filming as of this writing. On a bright note, Carol said I should call her back around September/November. The production will begin to start slowing down by then. (And, NO I will not share my contact info with you, so DO NOT ask!)

Hmmm, wonder if BSG has a series archivist?