Studios and Stages

The film studio (also known as movie studio or simply studio) is a secure facility or facilities used to make films or TV shows, which is handled by the production company. Aces and Eights Productions Inc.

sound stage is a soundproof structure, building, or room, used for the production of theatrical filmmaking and television production, usually located on a secure movie studio property.

In 2003 the sound stages for Battlestar Galactica: The Miniseries were located on the Lions Gate Studios lot in North Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. The Lions Gate Studios complex has since been renamed to North Shore Studios after being sold to Bosa Development Corp. effective March 15th 2006. The studio complex comprises eight separate stages totaling 132,435 square feet of sound stage area. Battlestar Galactica used three of the eight sound stages. Sound stage #1 housed the Hangar Bay set. Sound Stage #3 house the Transport ship (Colonial Heavy 798) set and the Armistice Station sets. Sound Stage #7, being one of the largest on the lot, housed the Galactica’s CIC, hallways and rooms sets.

When BSG was picked up as a regular series in 2004 all production moved to the Vancouver Film Studios located in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

Shooting Battlestar Galactica on a stage made it easier for the production crew to design and build the sets to the specifications of the environment needed. The art director made an architectural plan and after approval the carpenters build it. After a set was painted, the set dresser furnished it with everything that the set designer, under the direction of the art director, had selected for the interior.