This FAQ is supplemental documentation to the main pages of this web site and covers some basic questions. To suggest a question to be added to the FAQ please contact Steve Fronczek with your thoughts.

Where did you get the name Galactiguise from?

Galactiguise is a word made up by the Battlestar Galactica production department to describe anything that needed to look like it came from the BSG universe. They took the words “Galactica” and “disguise” and mashed then together into Galactiguise.

ga·lac·ti·guise (verb/noun) \gə-‘lak-ti-‘gīz\

Here is an example of its use: “We need to add GAK to Galactiguise this radio, it looks to plain.”  The term was used regularly by the BSG production crew during production. Many times the Production department would use GAK to give a normal everyday object the Galactiguised look and feel.

What is GAK?

G.A.K. is an acronym for Goods All Kinds. It is a movie industry term used in Canada to describe “stuff” used in adding detail to props, set dressing or costumes.  GAK is nothing more than bits of everyday stuff or goods, acquired from pretty much anywhere, that can be used to make a prop or set look more interesting or realistic to the camera and the audience. Typically, props made from used items purchased at junk yards or flea markets can be said to be made from GAK. For those in the Vancouver film industry the word GAK is used quite often to describe props in general. “I have to wear all of this ‘GAK’ in the next scene!?”

Do you sell props?

No I don’t. There are many fan and official licensed companies on the Internet for you to purchase BSG props from. I suggest you do a search in you favorite search engine.

Can I get a copy of the blueprints for any of the props on the site?

No. All of the original blueprints were sold at auction in 2009.

How do you figure out what the props are made from?

Tireless determination and keen powers of observation! No, seriously, sometimes it just boils down to pure luck. So many of the items used on the show are common everyday objects that you may just use in your home or at work. Luckily, I worked on all of the BSG auctions in late 2009 and had hands-on access to over 1500 original items including props, costumes, blueprints, illustrations, and set pieces from the series. That unlimited access made it easy to research how things for the show were made. I am also very fortunate to have the opportunity to speak with the original creators of these items.

Will you help me with my costume/prop?

I would love to but I have certain license agreements and time constraints which prohibit me from participating in such projects.