Adama’s Lighter

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In episode 1.10 – “Hand of God”, a tylium-rich asteroid inhabited by Cylons is discovered, Kara proposes a risky plan that will leave the Cylons stranded in space if successful, but could also endanger every life on board the Galactica.

Right before William Adama sends his son on a daring mission to destroy the Cylon Tylium refinery, Commander Adama lends his father’s lighter to Lee for good luck. This extreme close-up sheds great detail for this hero prop.

Adama's Lighter,


Adama’s lighter is a No. 100 Chrome, Regens Lighter. The lighters are stamped MADE IN U.S.A., PAT. NO. 1896140 on the bottom of the fuel holder.

Regens lighter pat. no.,

In the Behind-the Scenes featurette “Future/Past Technology”, Ken Hawryliw sheds some insight on the lighter. Mentioning it was found at a flea market.


An outline version of “Diskus” true type font was used for the “Joseph Adama” faux engraving as seen on the prop. The dark weathering was accomplished by dabbing “Minwax┬« Paste Finishing Wax’ over the surface of the lighter as seen in the following photo.

Adama's lighter showing engraving and weathering,


The Regens pocket lighter was patented by Alois Kaufmann who was from Vienna, Austria. Patent number search indicates a patent filed March 30, 1931 and issued February 7, 1933 in the USA. This patent was also filed on February 28, 1931 in Austria. This photo depicts the later box art for the “Regens Stormliter”, circa 1950’s. The earlier boxes were plain red.

Regens lighter with later box,