Adhesives and Tapes

These are the adhesives and tapes used by Set-Dec and Prop Departments to keep the world of Battlestar Galactica bonded together. These items are referred to as “expendables” in the film industry.

Zap-A-Gap™ CA – Pink. CA glue (short for Cyano-Acrilate, also known as superglue) will glue just about anything metal, rubber, wood, plastic, etc used in building props. Zap-A-Gap has a filler in it which makes it thicker to fill gaps, so it is well suited to gluing chunky things.

Adhesives zap-a-gap-ca,

HollyNorth Super Tape (Clear Butyl) for the Film Business. Super Tape Thick 1mm x 19mm x 20m. Often called “Super Snot” by the crew, this butyl tape has extremely aggressive adhesion properties yet can be removed without leaving residue or destroying the substrate.

Adhesives HollyNorth super-tape,

Cloth gaffer/camera tape. Cloth Gaffer Tape is a high strength vinyl coated cloth tape with a matte finish. It has a high performance adhesive system and is highly conformable to irregular surfaces. Gaff tape is also waterproof, abrasion resistant, has a smooth, controlled unwind, and is hand-tearable. Yellow, blue were used to mark and label items while black was used to repair and in some cases build props for production.

Adhesives gaffer-tape,