Frakkin’ Toaster

In Season 1 Episode 5 – You Can’t Go Home Again, on the Cylon-occupied world of Caprica, Helo and Sharon have almost given up hope of rescue, until they find refuge in a diner that is hiding a fallout shelter. Feeling some pressure falling from his shoulders Helo decides to make breakfast for Sharon, namely toaster pastries. A fitting homage to the mechanical foes they are fleeing.

Helo sets the timer on the toaster to get breakfast going…

Helo setting timer on toaster,

The Frakkin’ Toaster is made by the English company Dualit® and is part of the Vario brand of bread toasters. The Vario Series of bread toasters are assembled by hand and the assembler’s individual mark can be found on the base plate. The following photo is of a new toaster with the original box.

Dualit Vario toaster with box,

The front of the toaster is slightly modified with a metal plate to obscure the Dualit brand name. The chrome plate has two horizontal lines engraved on it and utilizes existing screws to affix to the front of the toaster.

Toaster front plate,

On the right side of the toaster is a black plastic plate which covers the large Dualit embossed name. The plastic plate is cut from black/white poly engraving sheet. This is the same material engraved name badges are made from. It is affixed to the toaster with double sided tape.

Toaster side plate,

An interesting production note. In an effort to create suspense and ultimately the discovery of Helo and Sharon, the toaster was rigged to “pop-up” the unfrosted toaster pastries when it finishes toasting, thus startling the Cylon and ensuing a firefight.

Toaster pop-up toaster snack,

The actual Dualit toaster cannot pop-up the toast as it is a “Manual Ejector Toaster”. When the Dualit finishes toasting, the bread will remain in the toaster until the user manually lifts the lever on the front to remove the toast. This feature serves to keep the toast warm until it is ready to be eaten. A little creative license on the part of the production department to get the plot line going.

Also, who doesn’t like seeing a firefight in the middle of a kitchen!

Helo firing at Cylon in kitchen,

Watch the star of the scene — the toaster — in following video clip from BBC America!