Tigh’s Flask

Whether you want a little something to warm the cockles of your heart while roaming the chilly corridors aboard the Battlestar Galactica, or you just like to know that you have genuine Ambrosia on hand, a hip flask is a perfect friend in need.

Script notes describe the scene: Season Two, Episode 3 “Fragged” Scene 5, 72 – Interior Corridor. Tigh walks down the corridor a ways until he’s safely out of sight — then pulls a small flask from his ankle holster and takes a quick nip.

Tigh taking a swig from his flask, Galactiguise.com

Tigh’s “hero” flask is model no.258, two in one 5.5oz stainless steel combination liquor flask with built-in cigarette case distributed by Lucienne© Lighters out of Chicago, Illinois.

Tigh's flask made by Lucienne, Galactiguise.com

The flask holds up to 5.5 oz of Colonial Ambrosia and has a small compartment on the side for holding small items.

Flask compartment, Galactiguise.com

Although the flask has the compartment on the side it was never meant to be used in the Series. It was noted from direct inspection of the “hero” flask that the Prop Department sealed the flap closed with “HollyNorth Super Tape” — a high tack butyl bonding tape made exclusively for the film industry.

Its size and shape are suited for easy concealment in a pocket, or an ankle flask holster as Colonel Tigh happens to prefer as seen in this freeze frame from Season 2 Episode Fragged.

Tigh's flask hiding place, Galactiguise.com

The following image from the BSG auction gives clearer detail of the ankle holster along with “hero” flask. The holster was a modified, “universal” medium size, black leather gun holster. The generic holster had Velcro sewn on the outer face and rubber strap added to hold flask in place.

Tigh's flask holster, Galactiguise.com

Several stunt flasks were also used in the series. These were made of latex rubber foam for scenes when the prop had to be thrown, such as down one of the Galactica’s corridors in the Season 2 Episode “Resistance” after interrogating Galen Tyrol. The foam versions were painted silver to match the stainless steel look of the original, and as you can see in the following image the foam versions were far from perfect copies. Their sole purpose was to be thrown and not damage the set, not look pretty.

Foam stunt flask, Galactiguise.com