After the Starlight Lounge on the Cloud 9 Starliner is attacked by terrorists in the Season 2 Episode Sacrifice, Starbuck plans a recon mission to assess the situation of the hostages to be rescued. Unfortunately, her cover is blown when Ellen Tigh recognizes her as one of Galactica’s pilots. The walkie-talkie in this scene was one of two original walkie-talkies made for the show.

Kara using a walkie-talkie aboard Cloud 9, Galactiguise.com

Some forty years earlier, as seen in the tele-movie Razor, William Adama successfully contacts the Galactica to have the Starbird (aka S.A.R Bird) rescue him from an icy planets surface after he discovers the first Cylon hybrid research facility. Both scenes used the same prop.

Young Adama contacting Galactica with walkie, Galactiguise.com

The prop was created by White Monkey Design for the prop department. The following photo is of the two original props. Other walkie-talkies were made later on based on these originals.

Walkie's as made by White Monkey Design, Galactiguise.com

The walkie-talkies were made from the Motorola HT440 “Handie-Talkie” radio. Motorola implemented their own brand name for their hand held radios by marketing them as the “Handie-Talkie” radio. This is where the “HT” comes from in the model designation.

Motorola HT40 handie-talkie, Galactiguise.com

Very little stuff, or what is known as GAK (G. A. K. = Goods All Kinds), is added to the radios to make it look retro-futuristic. The following photo shows the prop along side a non-prop HT440.

Comparison between prop and non-prop walkies, Galactiguise.com

The stubby antenna is the handle from an Astro Tool Corp 16 gauge aeronautics “front release connector” removal tool. Tool number ST2220-3-14. The tool used on the prop is an older model with the blue anodized finish stripped off.

Astro Tool used as antenna on walkie, Galactiguise.com

The ridged outer band and front grip are made from 1/8″ inch corrugated vinyl rubber floor runner mat.

1/8" inch corrugated vinyl rubber floor runner mat, Galactiguise.com

The second smaller antenna that replaces the speaker volume knob is an, as yet, unidentified pneumatic fitting. This “GAK” was taken off a larger bit of junk by the prop makers at White Monkey Design.

Pneumatic fitting GAK, Galactiguise.com

The aluminum speaker grill and round medallion button on the left side were the only two pieces custom machined by White Monkey’s CNC department.

Walkie-talkie CNC button, Galactiguise.com

The two light emitting diode’s (LED) on the face of the radio were added by White Monkey Design’s electronics department. The two LED’s are a clear lens variety. The left being red and the right green. They are held in place by standard black plastic panel mount bezels. Clicking the silver button cycles the LEDs to flash or stay on.

Walkie-talkie red and green LEDs, Galactiguise.com