Colonial One

More a commuter shuttle than a deep space craft, Colonial One — originally designated Colonial Heavy 798 — is dwarfed by many of the larger ships in the fleet. Despite its size, it is the political center of the fleet, and the capitol of the new human society emerging among the survivors of the Cylon massacre. It is the home of President Laura Roslin and her government, which is housed in the converted upper decks of the ship. It is a prime target for the Cylons, and heavy fuel requirements and a temperamental Jump drive render it particularly vulnerable.

Colonial One taking off from Caprica


Richard C. Livingston drew the original concept sketch for the Colonial One “mid size passenger liner” on January 29th 2003. Lee Stringer and the crew at ZOIC finalized the CGI model.

Colonial One Concept Sketch,


There is a little know discrepancy concerning the name shown on the interplanetary passenger liner’s logo. In the MiniSeries, the logo seen on the uniforms and paperwork associated with Colonial Heavy 798 display the livery name as “Eversun, Luxury Liners.”

Eversun Logo from cockpit checklist,

Whereas the CGI model of the ship created by ZOIC displays the livery name as “Intersun, Luxury Liners” which can be seen in the CGI model below.

Intersun logo from CGI model,

There is also a slight difference in the Pegasus design which frames the carrier name on the Intersun livery logo. The pegasus design is simplified compared to the Eversun design. Noted differences are the “Luxury Liners” text placement, lack of detail on the head and deletion of the stylized bent under front legs.

Pegasus variation on Intersun logo,

Set Mock-up

The set (interior mock-up) was comprised of two sections. For the MiniSeries both sections were used as passenger seating, while in the regular series the sets were ever evolving from Laura Roslin’s office and bedroom to the Quorum of 12 Counsel Chambers.

Colonial One set exterior,

Colonial One elevation details from blueprints used to build the set.

Colonial One Blueprint,