The Combat Information Center (CIC) is located in the heart of Galactica where the main hull meets the midships section. It spans two decks and acts as the nerve center of the ship. The CIC is of vital importance as it not only contains the command center of the Galactica, but also the base of operations for all defensive and offensive capabilities.†

The following image is the wondrous concept painting of the Galactica’s CIC as depicted by Ken Rabehl, Assistant Art Director.

Battlestar Galactica CIC concept art,

The following is a QuickTime VR Panorama movie taken of the CIC prior to the set being struck in 2008. Use your mouse to pan/tilt and the [Shift] key to zoom in and [Ctrl] key to zoom out. The panorama was painstakingly composed of more than 300 individual photographs.



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