3 Ring Binder

The highly detailed manuals scattered through out the Galactica ensure the crew will stay informed on how to maintain their station, fix a Viper or Raptor, or make sure they are following protocol.

One of the many three-ring binders found in the Command Information Center (CIC).

Cally dutifully reading over a manual. This is one of the typical yellow binders seen in the hanger area.

Two binders next to Gaeta’s Tactical Station in the CIC. These binders have their spines painted silver.

The red version of the binder seen being referenced by Cally.

Close up of a well worn binder on Tigh’s desk. You can see the silver paint worn off the yellow spine from handling by the actors.

A shot of the intense detail the production designers put into the CIC set. Each three-ring binder include actual written instructions for firing off a Battlestar’s weapons or even how to perform a tactical maneuver in a Viper.

The real world counter part the Axcess “Best Built” binder.

Here is a close up photo of the Axcess “Best Built” spine and rivet location.

The base color of the spines come in red, black, blue, yellow or green with black covers. The silver spines as seen in the CIC are typically yellow binders painted silver.

For the Mini Series the Swedish KEBA Binders were imported into the US by NPSG and sold under the “Axcess” trade name for the US and Canadian market. NPSG went out of business in May 2009. As of December 2009 GoGoods.com offer the complete US selection of Keba Binders.