The paint colours used on the Galactica sets are the basis of all of the colors used through out the props and sets from the series. According to the original colour chips used by set-dec all of the paints were from Benjamin Moore.


Benjamin Moore – feather gray 2127-60 in eggshell finish with sand coat texturing.
(Note: this is also the colour used for the Viper MkII Mock-up minus the texturing.)

Beams and Fins

Benjamin Moore – Dark ballgown base coat in matte finish with high gloss staysclear overcoat with fine silver powder.
(Note: Although the paint department labeled the colour “Dark Ballgown” in 2002, this particular paint name is no longer used by Benjamin Moore.)

Hangar Bay Red

Benjamin Moore Рclassic burgundy exterior ready-mixed paint in semi-gloss finish.
(Note: this is also the colour used on the Viper MkII stripes, Cylon Resurrection tubs and Med Kits.)

Hangar Bay Yellow

Benjamin Moore Рyellow oxide 2154-10 in matte finish.
(Note: this is also the colour used on the tool boxes seen in the hangar deck.)

Galactica hallway section,