Galactica’s floors are a somewhat overstepped aspect of the Battlestar’s overall interior design. What makes this flooring unique to just any old floor? It’s completely rubber.

Flooring used in Galactica corridor set, Galactiguise.com

The diamond plate rubber matting used by Set Dec comes in huge 54″ by 50ft rolls. Richard Hudolin commented in “Battlestar Galactica The Official Magazine” saying; “The amount of rubber that you see on the floor is $30,000 worth of matting. This stuff was arriving in the truck loads!†” The matting is rolled into place and can be cut to fit irregular shapes. It does not require adhesive or fasteners to lay in place as the weight of each mat holds it in position.

Roll of diamond Plate Matting used on Galactica, Galactiguise.com

Not only does the diamond plate texture look futuristic, the textured non-slip surface helps absorb and deaden sound while providing protection for both the actors and the studio floor.

The following screencap from Season 2 Episode “Pegasus” shows the diamond plate in great detail.

Galactica checkerplate flooring, Galactiguise.com

† Gosling, Sharon, “Building A Battlestar: Richard Hudolin.” Battlestar Galactica The Official Magazine. Vol. #1, Oct/Nov 2005: page 50.