Hangar Box

One of two Hangar Support Equipment Maintenance Boxes seen in the background during Hangar Bay scenes as first introduced in the Miniseries and seen throughout the rest of the Series.

Studio shot of the hangar box, Galactiguise.com

The all aluminum construction hangar box is painted in Galactica’s Dark ballgown metallic with spray on liner covering top surface. Each compartment door features decals  specifying types of supplies that could be found in the cart. Door decals starting from the top left door read; Panels, Diagnostics, Cables, and Sensors.

On set photo of the hangar box, Galactiguise.com


The front panel of the Hangar Box displays the equipment identification number for the Hangar Box of “RPB-3455-B1.”

Hangar Box identification number, Galactiguise.com

The rear wing panels display the Battlestar Galactica Kobol logo as well as it’s Hangar Bay location and designation. The two designations for the last remaining Hangar Boxes aboard Galactica are; 01 and 13.

Hangar box Kobol decal close-up, Galactiguise.com

The Hangar Boxes are made from two custom “Pit Boxes” made by Ricky Sanders Racing, Inc. out of Stockbridge, Georgia, USA. A single 34″ medium Pit box costs around $5400.00 U.S., so it was a hefty investment for an item seen mostly in the background.

Pit Box from RSR, Galactiguise.com