Hangar Deck Creeper

In the MiniSeries Kara Thrace is in the process of making repairs on her Viper’s fuel system while laying on one of the two mechanic’s creepers remaining on the Galactica’s hangar deck.

Starbuck fixing fuel line on Viper using creeper, Galactiguise.com

The original creeper is made from red, blow molded, polyethylene polymer with gray rubber casters and black vinyl headrest.

Creeper in original color, Galactiguise.com

The Prop department painted the creeper in yellow oxide and added vinyl letters to Galactiguise the creeper.

Creeper used by Starbuck, Galactiguise.com

The creeper used by Starbuck in the MiniSeries has the hangar Deck identification number of “SARC 2954” as seen from this photo taken on the set at the end of Season 4. You can see the amount of abuse the creeper endured after years of filming as the red plastic is worn through all over the creeper.

Close-up of part number on creeper, Galactiguise.com

This creeper is currently available from either Buffalo Tools as the CREEP40 or from ATD Tools as the 81050.  Please note that the ATD model has red wheels which is not correct.

6-Wheel Molded Plastic Creeper features a low profile for under Viper work and moves freely on 360-degree rotating wheels with ball bearings. It holds up to 400 lb. Features a thick padded head rest for comfort, easy access built in tool and parts tray, Oil and fuel resistent, Designed for unrestricted arm movement, Six double bolted 3″ casters, Convenient grab handle.