Aft Engine Panels

Season One, Episode 5, You Can’t Go Home Again, is one of the few times during the Series we actually get to see the crew working on the aft panel of the Viper Mk II.

Apollo and crew working on aft engine panel,

There are two separate panels located between the three engine nacelles on the Viper Mk II. This CGI render from ZOIC shows some of the GAK detail for this section of the Viper Mk II.

Aft engine panel from Zioc cgi model,

The aft panel seen on the CGI model follows the configuration established in the original blueprints drafted by Neville Conway in January of 2003. This design is reminiscent of the Colonial Viper (Viper Mk I) from the Original Series.

Aft panel blueprint,

An interesting detail to note is that the CGI model and filming set mock-ups of the Viper Mk II have a few differences in the aft panel’s construction. This photo of the practical “Hero” set mock-up of the Viper Mk II shows the differences which will be discussed.

Practical filming set mock-up aft panel,

One of the first details that is readily noticeable is that the four down tubes from the top nacelle seen on the CGI model have been replaced with a finned box on the set mock-up. In this image from the CGI model you can see the four down tubes.

Aft panel detail on the CGI model,

In this never-before-seen photo of the non-practical “background” set-mock-up of the Viper Mk II the finned box is clearly visible.

Background Viper aft panel detail,

The finned box on the aft panel is an ARRIS Group Ltd., C-COR© LAN-100-2RE outdoor Local Area Network amplifier unit. These units are typically found on telephone poles. The following reference photo shows the cast aluminum LAN-100 housing.

C-COR LAN Amplifier unit from Viper Mk II,

The fan to the right of the C-COR© LAN-100-2RE is evident on both the CGI and set mock-up. Although the actual size and location differ slightly. This never-before-seen photo shows the fan on the Viper Mk II non-practical “background” set mock-up.

Cooling fan on aft panel,

This is a COMAIR ROTRON Muffin® XL industrial cooling fan used in computer CPUs and aircraft avionics. The following photo shows the cast aluminum Muffin® XL fan with original box.

Muffin® XL cooling fan aft panel on Viper Mk II,

The lower aft panel shows three more cooling fans on the CGI model.

Aft panel cooling fans,

Where as the Viper Mk II set mock-ups only shows three fan finger guards.

CPU fan finger guards on aft panel,

These finger guards are also from COMAIR ROTRON and are made for Muffin® XL cooling fan. The following schematic for the model #552934 finger guard shows the unique guard design and dimensions.

Finger guard for lower aft panel on Viper Mk II,

Another difference between the CGI model and the Viper Mk II set mock-ups is the oval GAK to the left of the C-COR© housing. This bit of GAK is one of the most mundane of kitchen utensils. It turns out to be the ladle portion from a slotted serving spoon.

Slotted serving spoon on Viper aft panel,

The pipes seen on the aft panel are misc PVC fittings with stainless steel braided pipe protectors and 1/2″ copper pipes and fittings.