Misc Parts

Plasma Load Gas Tank

The plasma load gas cap is seldom seen on the Mk II Vipers after the Miniseries. Continuity most probably forgot that the caps go on the Vipers after they have been refueled in the Hangar Bay. The following scene from the Pilot MiniSeries shows the red plasma fuel cap on one of the Vipers behind Cally.

Plasma fuel cap behind Cally, Galactiguise.com

The flange and cap are made by Carter® Brand Ground Fueling Equipment of Eaton Aerospace Group.  This revised blueprint shows that the plasma load gas tank filler was originally designed to have a hinged cover.

Plasma fuel flange with cover blueprint, Galactiguise.com

The Eaton Model #25668 2-½” refueling 9-bolt flange adapter is seen bolted to the Viper Mk II from this pre-production VFX reference photo. The flange is short lived in its pristine shiny brass color.

Plasma load flange, Galactiguise.com

This is one of two Eaton Model #61606 Military Style Sealing Cap Pressure dust caps from the MiniSeries. This part is designed to cover or seal the filler-neck or inlet opening of the Viper Mk II plasma fuel tank.

Plasma Load flight deck cap, Galactiguise.com

Wing Pod Marker Lights

The Viper Mk II has a red marker light on the leading and trailing edge of each wing pod. These blinking lights act more as a marker light than a traditional aviation navigational light. In this scene from the Pilot MiniSeries you can see the red marker light illuminated behind Lee Adama.

Viper wing marker light from Miniseries, Galactiguise.com

Each wing pod was originally designed to have a leading red light and a trailing blue light as seen in this section of Viper blueprint.

Wing marker light blueprint, Galactiguise.com

This detail shot shows that the lights were crudely glued into place on the wings.

Detail of red wing marker light, Galactiguise.com

The Grote Industries Beehive Clearance/Marker Lamp (Product #45022 – Red) was used on the Mk II as wing marker lights. The angle steel was removed and the housings were converted to run on battery packs.

Grote marker light, Galactiguise.com

These lights are typically used on flat bed trailers as replacement brake lights. Material: Red polypropylene lens with a black acrylic housing. The unit uses a #67, 4 CP incandescent 12V light bulb.