Jettison/Rescue Arrow

The emergency canopy jettison system provides the capability to ballistically jettison the canopy in case of an emergency. The canopy can be jettisoned internally or externally without initiating seat ejection. On Vipers a Rescue Arrow will indicate the location of the External Canopy Jettison Handle.

The Jettison Handle and Rescue Arrow on the Viper Mk II, as seen in the Miniseries, was a simple vinyl graphic. The Jettison Handle shape is reminiscent of the pivot nodes seen on the nose cone of a VF-1 “Valkyrie” Veritech fighter from the Japanese animation series “Macross” — also-known-as “Robotech” in the United States.

Miniseries Viper rescue decal,

In season one episode “33” we see the Jettison Handle vinyl graphic is replaced with a faux fuel door sticker made to cover the fuel door on most automobiles.

Viper rescue point from 33,

In this close up of the fuel cap sticker you can clearly read the word “Fuel” on the center tab.

Close-up of rescue point used on both Vipers,

This faux carbon fiber and chrome fuel cap sticker was available from most automotive parts stores. The crew used the “S-7502 Type N, Fuel Cap” made by the Taiwanese company NIKEN Automotive Accessories Co., Ltd. The sticker originally cost $11.99 CAN. Unknown if these are still available for sale.

Niken fuel cap on Viper rescue point,

At the beginning of the Season 4 Episode “He That Believeth In Me” Kara Thrace miraculously returns from the dead in a pristine Viper. The physical filming mock-up was updated to match the more detailed CGI Viper which was used at the end of Season 3 episode “Crossroads Part 2.” The pristine Viper Mk II sporting a new detailed canopy also replaced the fuel cap sticker on the starboard side of the “hero” Viper with this real fuel cap.

Viper Mk II real fuel cap,

This fuel cap is from a Suzuki GSXR series motorcycle. The following photo shows the Suzuki fuel cap removed from the GSX gas tank.

Viper with real Suzuki fuel cap,